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Escrito por Fabio Emerim

An Adventure at the Beach

Once upon a time, there were four best friends named Emma, Sophia, Jackson, and Liam. They all lived in the same neighborhood and loved going on adventures together. One sunny summer morning, they decided to take a trip to the beach.
They packed their bags with sunscreen, towels, and snacks and hopped into Emma’s car. Emma was the designated driver for the day, and she had the map and GPS all set up on her phone. They were all excited to spend the day at the beach, soaking up the sun and playing in the waves.
As they were driving, they were laughing and chatting away. They were having so much fun that Emma missed a turn and took them down the wrong road. They didn’t realize it at first, but after driving for a while, they started to notice that the scenery looked unfamiliar.
They all looked at the map, but Emma’s phone had lost signal, and they couldn’t get any GPS signal either. They had no idea where they were, and they were lost.
They pulled over to the side of the road and tried to figure out their location. They looked around but couldn’t see any familiar landmarks. They had no choice but to continue driving, hoping to find someone who could give them directions.
As they drove, they saw a small sign that read “Welcome to Ocean View.” They had never heard of Ocean View before, but they thought it sounded like a beach town. They decided to follow the signs and see where it led them.
The road they were on led them through a dense forest, and they were all starting to feel a bit nervous. They had been driving for hours, and they still hadn’t seen any signs of the beach. They were starting to get hungry and thirsty too, and their snacks were running low.
After what felt like an eternity, they finally came to a clearing, and they could see the ocean in the distance. They were relieved and excited, and they drove towards the beach.
As they got closer, they realized that the beach was completely deserted. There were no other cars parked, and no one was in sight. They were confused and started to wonder if they were in the right place.
They got out of the car and walked towards the water. They could hear the waves crashing, and they could feel the sand beneath their feet. It was a beautiful beach, but it was strange that no one was there.
They walked along the shore, looking for any signs of life. They saw a small beach shack in the distance, and they decided to investigate. They knocked on the door, but no one answered. They opened the door and saw that the shack was empty.
As they were looking around, they noticed a small piece of paper on the counter. It read, “Welcome to Ocean View Beach. Due to recent storms, the beach is temporarily closed for safety reasons. Please do not enter the water.”
They all looked at each other in shock. They had driven for hours and had ended up at a closed beach. They felt disappointed and frustrated, but they knew they had to start making their way back home.
They got back in the car and started driving, hoping to find their way back to the main road. They had learned their lesson and made sure to pay more attention to the directions this time. After a few wrong turns and some backtracking, they finally found their way back to the main road.
They were all tired and hungry, but they were happy to be on the right track. They stopped at a diner and got some food and drinks. They laughed and joked about their misadventure, and they all agreed that it would make a great story to tell their friends.
Eventually, they made it back home, tired but happy. They had learned that getting lost could be scary and confusing, but they had also discovered that they were able to rely on each other and work together to find their way back.


  • Best friends: Melhores amigos
  • Beach: Praia
  • Sunscreen: Protetor solar
  • Towel: Toalha
  • Snacks: Lanches
  • Hopped into: Entrou em (no carro)
  • Designated driver: Motorista designado
  • GPS signal: Sinal de GPS
  • Unfamiliar: Desconhecido
  • Landmarks: Marcos, pontos de referência
  • Follow the signs: Seguir as placas/sinais
  • Dense forest: Floresta densa
  • Nervous: Nervoso
  • Hungry: Com fome
  • Thirsty: Com sede
  • Eternity: Eternidade
  • Deserted: Desertada, abandonada
  • Parked: Estacionados
  • Investigate: Investigar
  • Shack: Cabana, barraca
  • Closed: Fechado
  • Safety reasons: Razões de segurança
  • Disappointed: Decepcionado
  • Frustrated: Frustrado
  • Pay more attention: Prestar mais atenção
  • Wrong turns: Voltas erradas
  • Backtracking: Retroceder
  • Diner: Lanchonete
  • Misadventure: Aventura mal-sucedida
  • Scary: Assustador
  • Happy: Feliz

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