Environmental issues in the English class

Escrito por Carina Fragozo

The preservation of the environment is a very current topic, and  many schools have been approaching this issue in their campaigns. The English class is an excellent opportunity for us, teachers, to talk about this through texts, movies, songs, websites, among others.
Here is a list of materials about the environment that can be used with our students.

1) As students LOVE music, it is possible to show them the video clip “Do the evolution”, by Pearl Jam. It contains strong images showing how much we have been damaging the Earth, so I don’t recommend it for children. Both the lyrics and the images may promote an interesting discussion on the topic.

2) The website http://www.pegadaecologica.org.br/ shows a nice quiz to check how much you damage the Earth. I’ve just taken the test and I was scared! It said that if everyone on the planet adopted my lifestyle, 3 EARTHS would be necessary to meet the needs of humanity! It is in Portuguese, but we could use it as an icebreaker for introducing the topic.

3) The documentary”An inconvenient Truth” also talks about carbon emissions and global warming in a very interesting way.

4) Finally, I would like you to have a look at the video below, which shows a twelve-year-old girl talking about the problems on the planet. It is very touching and, although it happened in 1992, the words of this Canadian girl are still very up-to-date.

I hope you enjoy the sugestions and try to use them with your students!

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