What do teachers want? What do students want?

Escrito por Carina Fragozo
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Hello, people!

Next week our (Brazilian) winter vacation is over, and it is time to make plans for the second semester.  The problem is that sometimes we feel a little tired or demotivated to keep preparing/teaching/correcting things until the end of the year. But we know it’s part of our wondeful job, don’t we?
Starting a new semester can be a time for us to reflect on our intentions to improve our classes, and to think about what teachers really want. Take a look at this video, for you to have an idea:

As you can see, different teachers want different things: motivation, more patience, better behavior, more money… Do we always get all these things? You know we don’t… And we will never teach in a perfect environment! So the first step is to reflect on what we want to change, and then work on it. Sometimes class management becomes a problem to be solved, and then it is our role to look for solutions or, at least, to start the semester positively 😉

In addition, it is very important to stop and think about what our students want.  Before I say anything, have a look at this video:

As we can see, sometimes our students, just like Charlie Brown, want to feel special! Very simple, isn’t it? So let’s keep this in mind to start a new semester, and show our students that we really care about them and their education!
I hope you have a great time with your students! See you in August 🙂

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