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This is for teachers who want a quick activity to talk about Xmas. I’ve searched for many videos on YouTube to prepare a Xmas activity, and I finally found this cute one. Don’t forget to call your students’ attention to the rhymes!
 I’ve used it with two pre-intermediate groups and the students had a lot to share in the speaking part. Hope you like it!


1)      What do you usually do on Christmas day?
2)      What’s your best memory of a happy Christmas?
3)      What does Christmas mean to you?
Watching a video

You are going to watch a video showing Edd and his friends on Xmas day. Mark T or F as you watch Eddsworld: Xmas Day.
(   ) The boys were excited about Xmas
(   ) They liked their presents.
(   ) They received nice Xmas cards from fans.
(   ) Matt’s grandma wasn’t happy because he hadn’t called her.
(   ) The phone call was very brief.
(   ) Dinner was delicious.

(   ) The boy’s Christmas night was saved by their TV


1) Have you ever got a present that you didn’t like? What was it?
2) Do you like watching TV on Xmas night? What kind of TV shows?
3) What would you do if you were in the boys’ situation?

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