Texto do Episódio 94 do Podcast Way Ahead – Five Time-Travel Stories That Will Shake your Head

Escrito por Fabio Emerim

These are the texts you can hear on episode 94 of our podcast Way Ahead: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6cikQHIZGDtQkP6fkRoZVC?si=GTC-p3NYSlyG2aL5Kt4QQg

Do you believe we can travel to the past, or to the future? So listen to these 5 intriguing stories that will certainly have you think for days.

Case 1

In his book on the subject, Time Travel: A New Perspective, J. H. Brennan talks about an ‘accidental’ time travel story that’ll definitely stay with you for some time to come. According to the writer, Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard flew into a parallel universe by mistake. Back in 1935, when he was still a Wing Commander, Sir Goddard was instructed to inspect an inactive airbase located in Drem, near Edinburg in Scotland. While flying over it, Sir Goddard found the airbase to be in a poor state with cattle grazing on the wild grass that had now forced its way through the tarmac. It was in complete shambles. Later on, while flying his biplane, he got into a bit of trouble thanks to the harsh weather conditions. To avoid an accident, Sir Goddard decided to fly back to the airbase till the weather cleared out a bit. As he approached the airbase, the torrential rain oddly and very abruptly gave way to bright sunshine. If that wasn’t odd enough, he also noticed that the airbase was in mint condition and in use! He even spotted mechanics wearing blue overalls working on the yellow planes parked on the runway. The planes weren’t the ones in use by the air force back then. In fact, Sir Goddard even failed to recognize one of them. Funny because instant renovation of the place couldn’t have been possible, and more importantly, these guys weren’t even wearing the khaki coloured uniforms that were a norm then. Also, the Air Force painted all their planes in silver, not yellow.

Completely baffled by what the hell was going on, Goddard got the shock of his life four years after. Europe was war-torn and he happened to visit Drem again. But this time, he saw everything he saw four years back in 1935. Same, people in blue overalls servicing yellow planes. Full deja-vu moment. He even found the plane he couldn’t recognize before – a Miles Magister. Did Sir Goddard fly four years into the future? Skeptics say that Goddard might have simply been confused about his location. But that’s too simple an explanation. Also, could an acclaimed officer like him make such an elementary mistake? Sir Goddard passed away in 1987 so I guess we’ll never have an answer.

Case 2

Back in 1988, Strange Magazine 2 published an article written by Ken Meaux titled “Time Traveler”. The article was about the shocking account of a man who would go by the name L.C. Back in 1969, L.C and his business associate, Bob (fake name) were driving along highway 167 towards the Oil Center city of Lafayette after finishing lunch in the Southwest Louisiana town of Abbeville, United States. It was the 20th of October around 1:30 in the afternoon. The day was perfect with a blue sky and cool breeze. Up ahead, they spotted an old turtle back auto going really slow. They were intrigued by the vehicle – it wasn’t something either of them had seen before. Very unique, and definitely antique. But here’s the thing. Even though the vehicle looked like a blast from the past, it was in mint condition. The two overtook the vehicle, but not before slowing down right next to it to check it out in detail. The car had a very distinct large, bright orange license plate with the year “1940” clearly printed on it, which was quite odd because antique cars like the one in question weren’t allowed to be driven on the road unless it was being used for a ceremonial parade. Things just got weirder from there. The person driving the car was a young woman dressed in what appeared to be a “vintage” dress from the 40s complete with a hat and a fur coat. There was a small child as well, dressed in a heavy coat and a cap. As they pulled up next to the car, the lady started panicking. One could make out her face going pale with fear. She frantically started looking back and forth as if she was in the middle of somewhere unknown. As if she really needed some help, she was almost about to cry. L.C asked her if she needed any help, to which she responded in the affirmative. But at no point did she roll down the window or even look him in the eye. After requesting her several times to halt the vehicle, they finally saw her pull over on the side of the road. L.C and Bob passed her and pulled over in front of her. But as soon as they looked behind, the vehicle was gone. Poof! Vanished into thin air. This was a highway without any traffic so disappearing like this was quite impossible.

Shocked and not knowing how to describe what had just happened, L.C and Bob decided to keep driving on. A little while later, while they were still on Highway 167, they saw another new car pass a very old car at a really slow speed. It was apparently so slow that it looked like the cars had come to a halt. As soon as the new car pulled over in front of the car, the same thing happened. It stopped and then suddenly disappeared. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Even the guy in the other car was completely shocked. The three started describing what each had seen. They started walking around the area. The third guy insisted they should be reporting this to the police, as this, according to him, was a missing person case. L.C and Bob refused, more so because they had no idea where the woman and the child along with the car, had vanished. The third man couldn’t go to the cops without these two, everyone would think this guy was mad. But he exchanged phone numbers and addresses and kept talking about the incident with them just to make sure he didn’t lose his mind. Could she have been a time traveler from the past who went forward in time? Or could she have been a person from the past who could never go back, stuck in limbo? One can never tell with certainty.

Case 3

News agencies would kill for a story eleven years ahead of its time. But honestly, if this were to happen with me, I’d totally lose my marbles. This spine-chilling story was a part of the book The Little Giant Book of Eerie Thrills and Unspeakable Chills written by Ron Edwards, C. B. Colby, and John Macklin. According to the authors, back in 1932, newspaper reporter J.Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were sent to do a feature story on the Hamburg shipyard in Germany. After completing their assignment, just as they were about to leave the premises, they heard the sound of aircraft engines only to look up and see the sky full of fighter planes. The anti-aircraft batteries opened fire and bombs started going off. All of a sudden, this place had become a war zone. Things were exploding, buildings were collapsing, there was death and chaos everywhere. Before rushing out to save their lives, Hutton even asked a security guard if there was something they could do to help out, but was asked to immediately leave the area instead. As the two drove into Hamburg, things changed. The sky cleared up and everything was back to being normal. There was no blood or violence, buildings were fine. No one seemed to panic. It was as if nothing had happened. When Hutton and Brandt looked behind towards the shipyard, they couldn’t spot anything wrong with it. No damage, no smoke come from the buildings. Shocking. The newspaper office obviously did not believe the two. Even the pictures that Brandt had been taking during the attack showed everything to be normal. The shipyard looked as good as new. Their colleagues dismissed their claim by deciding that they must’ve stopped on their way for a drink and it was the alcohol making them see things.

Bernard Hutton later moved to London just before the Second World War began. In 1943, what he read in a newspaper one morning almost made his heart stop. It was a story about a successful raid by a Roy Air Force squadron on the Hamburg shipyard. The resemblance was uncanny. This was an exact representation of what he and Brandt witnessed 11 years back.

Case 4

On the 30th of August in 2006, 36-year-old Håkan Nordkvist came back home to find his kitchen flooded with water. Thinking it’s nothing more than a leak, he crawled under the sink to fix the problem. But when he crawled inside the cabinet, he noticed that it just continued. So he kept crawling further until he stopped right at the end of the tunnel. When he got out, Nordkvist realized that he had landed up in the future, in 2042 in fact.
And oddly enough, he even met himself in the future, an old 72-year-old self. Future Noirdkvist wasn’t very surprised to meet this guy. Over and above, he even told him things that only he could’ve known. They even had the same tattoo. Of course, the future guy’s tattoo was a little more faded. They even took a selfie together.

By the way, if you want to see this picture and the video that he made of himself in the future, I’ll put the link in the description of this episode.

Case 5

On 28th of January, 2003, a certain Andrew Carlssin was arrested and detained by the police for insider trading at the Wall Street. It’s insane really. Over a two-week period in the stock market, Andrew went from having $800 to making, wait for this, $350 million. It’s like whatever he invested in turned into gold. It is nearly impossible to make the kind of profits he did. He was arrested by the cops on the allegation that he must have had illegal insider information. But when asked why and how he did this, the cops weren’t really expecting what Andrew had to say. He claimed to be a man from the year 2256. Since he was from the future, he knew exactly how the stocks were going to perform. Obviously, the cops thought this guy was chatting utter rubbish. But get this, soon after he was released on bail, the man disappeared from the face of this Earth and even after repeated attempts, he couldn’t be found. Was he telling the truth? Who knows. Oh, yes, and one more thing; Carlssin predicted the exact date of the US invasion of Iraq.

Fonte: https://www.indiatimes.com/culture/who-we-are/7-real-accounts-of-time-travel-that-ll-leave-you-questioning-everything-258251.html

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