Texto do episódio 97 do podcast Starting Up

Escrito por Fabio Emerim

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The Lost Key

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tom who lived in a small village. Tom was a curious and adventurous boy who loved to explore and discover new things.

One day, while he was playing in the park, he found a strange-looking key. It was old and rusty, but it looked important. Tom wondered what the key was for and decided to find out.

He searched everywhere in the park but couldn’t find anything that the key might fit. So, he went to the nearby woods to continue his search.

After a while of walking, Tom stumbled upon an old and abandoned house. The house looked creepy and rundown, but he had a feeling that the key might belong there. He gathered his courage and approached the door.

He tried the key in the lock, and to his surprise, it opened the door. Tom cautiously entered the house, and as he explored the different rooms, he found a mysterious letter.

The letter explained that the key belonged to a hidden treasure that was buried in the woods. It also gave him a clue to find the treasure. Tom was thrilled and excited to find the treasure, and he followed the clue that led him deeper into the woods.

After a long search, Tom finally found the treasure buried in a chest. It was full of gold coins and precious gems. He couldn’t believe his luck and felt grateful for the key that led him to the treasure.

Tom returned to the village, and everyone was amazed at his discovery. They celebrated his bravery and were happy about his success.

From that day on, Tom was known as a hero in the village, and he never forgot the adventure that led him to the lost key and the hidden treasure.

The End.


curious (curioso)
adventurous (aventureiro)
key (chave)
rusty (enferrujado)
fit (encaixar)
abandoned (abandonado)
creepy (assustador)
rundown (deteriorado)
treasure (tesouro)
chest (baú)
gold coins (moedas de ouro)
precious gems (pedras preciosas)
gratitude (gratidão)

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