Texto Do Episódio 102 Do Podcast Starting Up

Escrito por Fabio Emerim

Uma história sobre Tom, um cara que mora em New York, e resolve viajar para a Europa! Você ouve este áudio no Starting Up, o nosso podcast de inglês pra galera que está nos níveis mais básicos!

Tom Goes to Europe

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a story about a guy who travels to Europe. His name is Tom and he is from New York.
He always wanted to see different places and cultures, so he decided to save money and go on a trip.
He bought a plane ticket and packed his bags. He was very excited and nervous. He had never been to Europe before. He wondered what it would be like.

He arrived in London, the capital of England. He took a taxi to his hotel and checked in. He was tired from the long flight, but he wanted to explore the city. He grabbed his camera and went outside.
He saw many beautiful buildings and monuments. He visited Big Ben, the famous clock tower. He walked across Tower Bridge, a bridge over the river Thames. He took pictures of Buckingham Palace, where the King lives. He also rode on a red double-decker bus, a typical London transport.

He enjoyed his time in London, but he wanted to see more of Europe. He bought a train ticket and went to Paris, the capital of France.

He was amazed by the Eiffel Tower, a tall metal structure. He climbed to the top and saw a stunning view of the city. He also visited Notre Dame, a famous cathedral with gargoyles. He ate croissants and cheese, delicious French food.
He loved Paris, but he wanted to see more of Europe. He bought another train ticket and went to Rome, the capital of Italy.

He was impressed by the Colosseum, an ancient arena where gladiators fought. He walked around the Roman Forum, where ancient ruins are preserved. He also visited the Vatican City, a small country inside Rome where the pope lives. He ate pizza and pasta, yummy Italian food.

He had a great time in Rome, but he still wanted to see more of Europe. Tom was a tireless traveler, so he bought one last train ticket and went to Berlin, the capital of Germany.
He was fascinated by the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of German history and unity. He visited the Berlin Wall, a wall that divided East and West Berlin during the Cold War. He also went to Museum Island, where many museums are located. He ate sausages and pretzels, tasty German food.

He had seen so much of Europe, but he had to go back home. He packed his bags and took a plane back to New York. He was sad to leave Europe, but he was happy to have had such an amazing experience. He learned a lot about different places and cultures. He also made many friends along the way.
He hoped to come back to Europe someday and see more of its beauty and diversity.


1 – packed his bags – fez suas malas
2 – he wondered what it would be like – ele pensava como será que iria ser
3 – grabbed – pegou
4 – amazed – impressionado, maravilhado
5 – gargoyles – gárgulas
6 – fought – lutavam

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