Texto Do Episódio 104 Do Poscast Starting Up – Zorlings Save Universe

Escrito por Fabio Emerim

Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, there was a small planet called Zorlax. Zorlax was inhabited by colorful beings known as Zorlings. They had unique abilities and lived in harmony with the planet’s magical energies.

One day, a young Zorling named Zara discovered an ancient artifact buried deep within the enchanted forest. The artifact emitted a radiant glow and hummed with energy. Zara knew it was something special and took it back to her village to show her friends.

As Zara presented the artifact to her friends, a bright light filled the sky, and a holographic projection appeared before them. It was an intergalactic message from the wise Galactic Council.

“Dear Zorlings,” the holographic image spoke. “We have been observing your planet for centuries. Your world possesses a powerful energy source that could save our dying star system. We need your help!”

The Zorlings were astonished. They had always believed they were the only living beings in the universe. Excitement filled their hearts as they prepared to embark on a grand adventure to save the distant star system.

The Galactic Council provided Zara and her friends with a spaceship equipped with advanced technology. They bid farewell to their families and set off on their mission, fueled by hope and determination.

Their journey took them through vast nebulae, where colorful cosmic clouds surrounded their ship. They encountered friendly alien species who offered guidance and support along the way. Each encounter taught them valuable lessons about unity, cooperation, and the importance of protecting the universe’s delicate balance.

Finally, they reached the dying star system, where planets were crumbling, and darkness threatened to engulf everything. Zara and her friends activated the artifact they had discovered, and its power resonated with the star system’s core.

The artifact’s energy cascaded through the star system, rejuvenating the dying planets and bringing them back to life. The once dim star system sparkled with new light, and hope was restored.

The Galactic Council rejoiced at the Zorlings’ success and hailed them as heroes. Zara and her friends returned to Zorlax as celebrated adventurers, their story inspiring generations to come.

Back on Zorlax, the Zorlings built a monument to commemorate their journey, reminding future generations of the power of unity, friendship, and the wonders that lay beyond their tiny planet.

And so, the Zorlings continued to live in peace, knowing that even the smallest beings could make a difference in the vastness of the universe. Their story spread throughout the galaxies, reminding everyone that courage and determination could conquer any challenge, no matter how big or small.

And with that, dear friends, we conclude our tale of the brave Zorlings and their journey across the stars. Remember, as you learn and explore the English language, that there are endless stories waiting to be discovered and shared. May your own adventures be as extraordinary as those of the Zorlings!


Inhabited: Habitado
Beings: Seres
Artifact: Artefato
Buried: Enterrado
Enchanted: Encantado
Forest: Floresta
Glow: Brilho
Hummed: Zumbia
Holographic: Holográfico
Wise: Sábio
Galactic Council: Conselho Galáctico
Astonished: Espantado
Living beings: Seres vivos
Excitement: Excitação
Hearts: Corações
Spaceship: Nave espacial
Embark: Embarcar
Fueled: Alimentado
Hope: Esperança
Determination: Determinação
Journey: Jornada
Nebulae: Nebulosas
Clouds: Nuvens
Encountered: Encontrado
Lessons: Lições
Unity: Unidade
Cooperation: Cooperação
Protecting: Proteger
Delicate: Delicado
Balance: Equilíbrio
Dying: Moribundo
Darkness: Escuridão
Engulf: Engolir
Rejuvenating: Rejuvenescendo
Sparkled: Brilhou
Restored: Restaurado
Hailed: Saudado
Heroes: Heróis
Adventurers: Aventureiros
Inspiring: Inspirador
Generations: Gerações
Monument: Monumento
Courage: Coragem
Determination: Determinação
Conquer: Conquistar
Challenge: Desafio
Spread: Espalhar
Throughout: Por todo
Vastness: Imensidão
Peace: Paz
Language: Idioma
Extraordinary: Extraordinário
Waiting: Esperando
Discovered: Descoberto
Shared: Compartilhado

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