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And so this is Christmas!
Yeah! The time of the year when people come together to rejoice, exchange gifts, and spread joy. While the core message of Christmas remains the same – the birth of Jesus Christ – each culture adds its own unique traditions and flavors to the festivities.
Let’s learn how different countries celebrate this date! And the first is:

The United States:
In the United States, Christmas is a time for families to gather. Homes
are decorated with colorful lights, Christmas trees, and ornaments. Many people
exchange gifts and share a festive meal, often featuring roast turkey or ham.
Children eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus, who is believed to bring gifts on Christmas Eve.

United Kingdom:
In the United Kingdom, Christmas is a blend of traditional and modern
customs. People pull Christmas crackers to reveal small gifts and wear paper
crowns during meals. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, and turkey are popular
holiday foods. Carol singing and festive decorations brighten up the streets,creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Germany is known for its enchanting Christmas markets. These markets, or
“Weihnachtsmärkte,” are filled with stalls selling crafts, food, and
decorations. The Christmas tree tradition also originated in Germany. Families
exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, and children await the arrival of the Christkind, a fairy-like figure who brings presents.

In Italy, Christmas is a time for family and feasting. The celebration starts
on December 8th with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Traditional dishes
like panettone and torrone are enjoyed, and many cities host nativity scenes,
known as “presepi.” On Christmas Eve, it is common to have a seafoodfeast called the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Christmas in Mexico is a vibrant and lively affair. The celebrations begin on
December 16th with the start of the Posadas, which reenact Mary and Joseph’s
search for shelter. Pinatas filled with candies are broken, and festive foods
like tamales are enjoyed. Christmas Eve, or “Nochebuena,” is marked by a midnight Mass and a festive meal.

In Japan, Christmas is not a national holiday, but it is widely celebrated.
While the celebrations are more secular, with a focus on decorations and
gift-giving, a unique tradition has emerged: enjoying a festive meal of KFC
chicken on Christmas Day. Illuminated displays and Christmas markets also add to the festive atmosphere.

Christmas in Australia falls during the summer, so many people celebrate with
outdoor activities like barbecues, picnics, and beach outings. The festive
season is marked by colorful lights, Christmas carols, and the appearance of
Santa Claus. Australians also enjoy a variety of traditional Christmas foods,often with a summery twist.

In India, where various religions and cultures coexist, Christmas is celebrated
with enthusiasm and diversity. Christian communities attend midnight Mass, and
many homes are adorned with colorful lights and decorations. In some regions,
families prepare traditional Indian sweets alongside Western Christmas treats.
In metropolitan areas, Christmas markets and events contribute to the festive atmosphere, and the exchanging of gifts is a common practice.

In Sweden, the Christmas season is a time of warmth and coziness. Families
celebrate with a variety of traditions, including the lighting of Advent
candles and the construction of gingerbread houses. On December 13th, St.
Lucia’s Day, a procession of people, led by a girl dressed as St. Lucia in a
white gown and a crown of candles, symbolizes the triumph of light over
darkness. Traditional foods such as meatballs, herring, and saffron buns are enjoyed during Christmas feasts.

(well, you know about this one but, let’s include…)

Christmas in Brazil is a lively and colorful celebration. While it occurs
during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, many Brazilians incorporate
traditional European and American customs into their festivities. Homes and
streets are decorated with lights and ornaments, and families often gather for
a festive meal on Christmas Eve. In some regions, there are vibrant street
parties, music, and dancing. Santa Claus, known as “Papai Noel,” is a familiar figure, and exchanging gifts is a common practice.
And no matter how you celebrate Christmas! I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

See you next time for the last Podcast of the year

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